Distributed Generation from Renewable Sources in an Isolated DC Network

V. Ažbe, R. Mihalič, and D. Povh (Slovenia)


Distributed generation, renewable energy sources, DC/DCconverters, DC network


This article describes a direct current (DC) isolated network that is infed with distributed generation from renewable sources and cogeneration units. Sources are connected to the network via DC/DC converters to keep the voltage within a defined range and to ensure required power-flow. The consumption is directly connected to the DC network, without any DC/DC converter. The storage is located at a single point of the network. A simulation analysis based on a DC-network model shows that the operation of DC network is well possible by applying standard elements on the generation as well as on the consumption side. The main role in voltage and power flow control is played by DC/DC converters, which control the ratio between the input and output voltages according to the production of the sources and the consumption.

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