Simulation of Solar Industrial Water Heating System in Jordan

S.D. Odeh (Jordan)


Solar industrial, Parabolic collector, Absorber tube, Water heating.


Solar thermal application in the industrial sectors can contribute significantly in the conservation of the conventional energy resources, reducing CO2 emission, and global warming. In limited conventional energy resources countries (such as Jordan) with high solar radiation levels, solar industrial heating system can be one of the solutions to improve the national economy. In this paper a simulation program is developed to study the performance of a solar industrial water heating system of a cloth factory in Jordan. The simulation model allows the use of different solar tracking axis modes of a parabolic trough collector arrays. The solar array is combined with a diesel fired back-up boiler to supply steam at temperature 150C to an existing factory process. The effect of storage tank on system daily operation is studied for winter and summer periods. Performance evaluation showed a significant annual savings in diesel fuel consumption, and good matching between monthly average solar radiation and factory heating load.

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