A Multi-faceted Approach for Searching Web Applications

S. Usanavasin, T. Nakamori, S. Takada, and N. Doi (Japan)


Semantic Web, DAML-S, facet, Web Application Discovery


The WWW today contains not only a tremendous amount of information but also a variety of Web applications, such as online shopping. Searching for such applications can be difficult and time consuming because current keyword-based search do not always deliver results that match the user's intention. The key underlying problem is that keywords do not capture the semantics of the user's query and the functional capabilities of Web applications. This paper presents a multi-faceted approach for searching Web applications. In our approach, the search process is based on various facets, such as service functionality, item (product), result type, inputs/outputs, and the detailed information of items. It is based on matching queries and Web application profiles that are described in DAML-S. The matching process is augmented with the use of ontologies. The result of applying our approach to a set of Web applications resulted in a precision of 93% and a recall of 98%.

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