Critical View on a Concept to Present Learning Material using Different Didactical Theories in a Learning Environment

M. Bach (Germany)


Pedagogical Issues of WBE


The modern learning environments can each only represent one didactical theory. They are not able to take the learner's needs for an individualized visualization into account. This lack of flexibility should be vanquished by this approach. The page-based approach of most modern learning environments is suitable for the reuse of learning material. The learning material has to be decomposed into the smallest components that still form a semantically integrated whole. Additionally the learning targets must be defined. All these parts must be interconnected. This shall be done with a graph that defines the relations between the learning targets and the learning material. In addition the structure of learning targets has to be defined by the graph. Thus the graph specifies an ontology on the learning field. The aim of this paper is to prepare this learning material using different didactical theories. Two algorithms will be presented that produce very different results given the same set of learning material. The first algorithm follows a behavioristic approach and the other represents a cognitive view.

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