Development of a Classroom Teaching Improvement Support System Using a Web-based Teaching Portfolio with Video-on-demand

H. Miyata (Japan)


Web-Based Education, Video-on-demand System, Preservice Teacher Training, Reflective Practices


A classroom teaching improvement support system was developed using a Web-based Teaching Portfolio and Video-on-demand Assessment Program, and this system was used for micro teaching by students prior to practical teacher training. Since this system enables teaching skills passed on by transmission or description only to be provided in a multi-modal form, it allows for the occurrence of reflection on the part of teachers during the course of teaching skill training, which had been considered to be difficult in the past, even with respect to non-verbal teaching skills such as the expressions of the instructor conducting the class, posture and eye contact when facing students, and gestures used during classroom teaching, thereby making it possible to deploy effective micro teaching by enabling teachers to strive for classroom teaching improvement on their own.

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