Alice in Knowledge Land: Learning in a Mobile Networked Environment

M. Ahmad and L. Wegner (Germany)


Knowledge Acquisition, Mobility, PDA, Multimedia in Education


As part of the multi-million Euro "Notebook University Project" in Germany, we investigate new ways in which students access instructional material and how they inter act with it. The ultimate goal is to better support the cogni tive process of turning the abundance of explicit knowl edge into useful implicit (tactile) knowledge. We argue that carrying explicit information around, e.g. in form of a notebook, is an obsolete approach in the age of network ing. We suggest, as large size displays and input devices become freely available in many locations on and off cam pus, it is sufficient to connect to them via a remote control which could be a PDA or a mobile phone (which in the future will be one and the same anyway). This paper illus trates some of the architectural requirements, identifies desirable interaction conventions and proposes suitable changes to our educational practices.

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