Multiagents Systems for Virtual Environment for Training Application to Fire-fighting

R. Querrec, C. Buche, E. Maffre, and P. Chevaillier (France)


Virtual Environment for Training, MultiAgents Systems, Collaborative Work.


: This study concerns virtual environments for training in operationnal conditions. The principal developed idea is that these environments are heterogeneous and open multiagent systems. The MASCARET model is proposed to organize the interactions between agents and to give them reactives, cognitives and socials abilities to simulate the physical and social environment. The physical environment represents, in a realistic way, the phenomena that learners and teachers have to take into account. The social environment is simulated by agents executing collaborative and adaptative tasks. They realize, in team, procedures that they have to adapt to the environment. The users participate to the training environment through their avatar. To validate our model, the SECUREVI application for fire-fighters training is developed.

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