Development of "Detective Learning" System by Using Virtual Reality Technique - An Application for Virtual Museum

M. Fuse, R. Ohkawara, D. Yokoyama, A. Minato, S. Ozawa (Japan), E. Krassowska Maciewicz, and K. Mor


WBE, Quality Issues of WBE, Virtual Reality, Database, Multimedia


The basic idea to produce digital contents for E-education is how to teach efficiently. Two factors are important to promote efficiency in E-education. One is easiness to understand teaching materials and the other is how attractive the teaching materials are. The present paper deals with the problem how we can produce attractive digital contents. In order to approach the problem, virtual reality technique and multimedia database technique are particularly noted. A digital content of virtual museum was produced modeled on a fork house museum in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. This digital content has been used in schools so as to give good knowledge of the folk house and its displays before/after visiting the real museum. Students can enjoy the virtual museum contents just like enjoying detective story or detective computer games. We call this type of E-learning "detective learning". It is concluded that the method developed in this paper can be a new type of E education. The method is applicable also to any subjects of university curriculum.

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