Experiences in Developing ICT-tools for Web-based Training

D. Andone, R. Vasiu, and N. Robu (Romania)


Advanced Technology in Education andTraining, Best Practices, Teaching Multimedia, Romania


The paper presents the experiments in developing an open learning environment. The environment is based on WebCT implementation, supplemented by other multimedia applications. The method and the development process are quite new in Romania. It has been tested on several groups of students, having access only to web-based resources, only to traditional lecture based resources and to both types of resources. A research regarding students' perception and grade of academic performance achieved has also been carried on. The designed environment is in use at the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara for students at the Audio-Video and Multimedia Technologies specialization. This paper will be of interest to educators for the evaluation of the educational effectiveness and student acceptance of the Web as a teaching resource.

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