Portfolio-based Analysis in Developing Tools for a Web-based Programming Programming Project Course

J. Suhonen and E. Sutinen (Finland)


Web-based learning tool, conceptual design, digitalportfolio, distance learning, Computer Science education.


Too often, the development process of educational learning tools lacks deep understanding of learners' needs. However, one of the key criteria for designing successful learning tools is to meet these needs. One demand in the distance education context is the self directed learning process. In order to get more insight to the development of a web-based learning tool for a programming project course we have analyzed students' contributions as they compiled non-digital portfolios in a programming project course. The analysis concentrates on discovering the indicators for self-directed learning processes. Furthermore, we look into whether our portfolio method can actually give us any valuable information about students' learning processes. We observed that the current methods in a programming project course do not support self-directed learning. This indicates a real need for a digital portfolio.

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