An Implementation of Interactive System for Internet-based Learning (ISIBL)

A. Al-Bassam and A. Al-Shammari (Kuwait)


Distance Education, Internet-Based Learning, SystemArchitecture, XML


The massive researching efforts, the rapid growth in computing area, and the increased demands for learning services, have encouraged developers to design and implement sophisticated learning systems. These systems have utilized the Internet as a suitable medium for delivering courseware and/or learning materials to distant users. However, there are no approved standards for developing such systems till now. The future will create more opportunities for the Internet-based learning era. In this paper, we will present our view for designing and developing an Interactive System for Internet-Based Learning (ISIBL). In section 2, we will present a brief overview for the ISIBL system design. In section 3, we will describe the implementation issues for the ISIBL prototype. In section 4, we will highlight the used technologies. Finally, our summary and conclusion will be drawn.

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