Design and Development of a Distance Learning Course in Computer Data Security

N. Sinha (USA)


WBE, online education, design & development of onlinecourses.


Computer security is an important topic in today's world, as computers (and computer networks) are ubiquitous. This topic is also evolving rapidly, since new technologies and new applications bring new threats, and new protection mechanisms need to be invented to counter these new threats. Therefore, every few years, computer security has to re-invent itself. Data Security is an important aspect of computer security particularly with the unprecedented growth of the Internet which involves the exchange of sensitive and/or commercially valuable data over a large generally non secure public network. One of the hot new topics in computer data security is related to the protection of copyrighted data for e-commerce applications over the Internet. The Distance Learning (DL) Initiative [1] at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) is founded on beliefs that our students should become facile with the Internet as a communication, collaboration, research and learning tool, that the Internet can be used to bring the world into the "classroom" through engagement with global virtual faculty, and that students should acquire the active and self-directed learning skills required by on-line (and life long) learning. In this paper we describe the design and development of a new upper level DL course in Computer Data Security.

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