Reinforcement Learning of Walking Behavior for a Lego-Mindstorms Robot

S. Fujisawa, R. Kurozumi, R. Ohnishi, K. Kawada, and T. Yamamoto (Japan)


Reinforcement learning, Adapted learning control, On-linelearning, Lego block, Mobile robot


Lego-Mindstorms is a development kit for manufacturing a robot using Lego blocks, and is gaining widespread acceptance in the field of technical education. By using a Mindstorm, a robot can be manufactured for various purposes and functions. It is beginning to be considered as a component of experimental equipment in robotics research. Moreover, strengthening studies have attracted attention in the field of adapted learning control in recent years. This is a reinforcement learning control, which is adapted for environments with a certain level of uncertainty, and research is to be carried out swiftly. In this study, we verify Mindstorm's validity as an educational and scientific tool by using it for the manufacture of the target robot, and in the design of a strengthening study system.

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