Learner Agents as Student Modeling: Design and Analysis

T. Limoanco and R. Sison (Philippines)


Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Learner Agent, Student Modeling


Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) are computer programs that provide individualized learning according to the needs and learning behavior of learners. Most implementations of these systems are fixed and restricted to a specific domain or a programming concept (e.g. [1]). If a learner is exposed to a tutoring system, his profile (e.g. performance, misconceptions) is built based on how the tutor sees and represents the learner during the learning activity. Moreover, the learner's profile is retained in the same tutoring system. If the learner studies a different domain, another profile is built from scratch. This, in turn, limits the use of learner's profile to just one tutoring system. Consequently, evaluation of learner's performance is not carried over in subsequent learning activities. In this paper, we propose the use of a learner agent as a student model of an ITS. The paper discusses how the learner's profile is built and store in the learner agent.

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