Setting Groups of Learners using Matchmaking Agents

L. Magela Cunha, H. Fuks, and C.J. Pereira de Lucena (Brazil)


Computer assisted learning and instruction, collaborative software, software agents, group formation.


Nowadays, the complexity of work and the dissemination of the information and communication technologies value and make group work a potential allied for the organizations. The computer support offered under the umbrella of groupware systems is based on the research from Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). The support for the workers should be given since the group formation until its dissolution, going through the group work itself. In Software Engineering, multi-agent systems provide a properly level of abstraction for the treatment of complex and distributed problems. One of these problems is characterized by environments for group work and/or learning in groups. In this paper it is presented the study and how a multi-agent system was implemented in the AulaNet environment, which is a groupware for Web-based teaching and learning, to help group formation.

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