Development of Multimedia Database for an Introductive Course of Information Technology

M. Fuse, R. Ohkawara, S. Matsue, D. Yokoyama (Japan), K. Morita, E.K. Maciewicz (Poland), A. Minato,


WBT, Faculty Development, Multimedia, Database,Questionnaires


Although WBT has been considered as a powerful method of distance education, WBT system is used in "normal" class at Fukushima National College of Technology. Textbooks are not used in the class, but only WBT contents are given to the students. Multimedia technique and database technique are utilized for developing the WBT contents for an introductive course of word processing and spreadsheet. More than 300 movie files are included in the WBT contents. They give visual and auditory presentations for explaining how to use word processing and spreadsheet. Students are attracted by the contents and interested in learning by their own way. The role of teacher is to check comprehension and progress of students and to give suitable advices to individual students. Because of "cocktail effect" of blending WBT with normal lecture, a new atmosphere is introduced into the classes. The educational effect of the multimedia WBT is monitored by a new system developed by authors for administering questionnaires using a web and database server. It has been shown that the multimedia WBT is accepted by students as an easier way of learning application software rather than normal teaching method by "textbook + lecture".

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