On-line Remote Class with Live Video Transmission: A Case Study

V. Roesler, M. de Andrade, and L.M.R. Tarouco (Brazil)


Remote class, distance learning.


This paper describes a remote class experience accomplished at UNISINOS University; the intended audience was Computer Science graduation students, Computer Networks class. The objective was to accomplish a low cost remote class (to the University and the students). In this experience, the teacher's live voice and video were transmitted through the Internet, and the students attended the class from home, with the minimal technical requirement of a 56 kbps modem. They followed the class using a previously downloaded material, in order not to consume more bandwidth. During the class, the students could interact to the teacher by text, posing questions. The attendance to the class was password protected, and only authorized students were allowed to access the video transmission. If a student missed the class or wanted to review it, he/she could watch via a video on demand server, as the class was recorded and digitalized simultaneously with the transmission.

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