Digital Video Project: University of Pittsburgh

S.P. Arch (USA)


CATE, University of Pittsburgh, Digital Video Project


Educators have uncovered a multitude of uses of technology to aid in the development of teacher education programs. For example, uses of the Internet, the DVD, movie making software, and the digital camera all have contributed to viewing teacher education programs in a different light. The question that needs to be answered, however, is how to put this technology to use in the most efficient and productive manner. The Teacher Education Program at the University of Pittsburgh has developed a project that utilizes some of the most current technology available for pedagogical purposes. This project, currently in its second year, is a unique program that provides supervisors of interns with digital technology to be used to enhance teacher education, develop digital portfolios, and provide a web-based program that is accessible to all levels of educators world wide. The purpose of this paper is to 1) present a brief discussion of the use of technology in education from a historical perspective, 2) provide a detailed background of the University of Pittsburgh School of Education's Digital Video Project, and 3) report on the existing project, including a demonstration and talk about the specific pedagogical uses and benefits for the supervisors of interns and professional year students

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