Nyx: A Tool for Generating Standard Compatible E-learning Courses with Consistent and Adaptable Presentation

A. Baudry, M. Bungenstock, and B. Mertsching (Germany)


WBE, Learning Objects, Reusability, Publishing, SCORM


This paper presents a concept for publishing standard com patible e-learning material which is based on modular units. In order to build courses consisting of a multitude of learning units, the separation of content and layout is re quired. International standards such as ADL SCORM and IMS Content Packaging offer a mechanism to define the structure and communication rules of exchangeable learn ing units, but do not deal with the content. This is why we present a solution to aggregate learning units to courses, realized as Template Content Objects (TCO), which can be transformed into different media types with uniform and adaptable presentations. Generated courses are SCORM compatible and can be integrated in Learning Management Systems (LMS).

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