Towards an Instructional Design Methodology based on Learning Objects

L. Blondet Baruque, F. Porto, and R. Nascimento Melo (Brazil)


WBE, Instructional Design; Learning Object; Instructional System Design, ADDIE.


Instructional System Development (ISD) is a set of procedures for systematically designing and developing instruction. The development of contents for e-Learning can well benefit from the ISD approach. However, we need to revisit the traditional ISD in order to incorporate the Learning Object (LO) paradigm. LOs are self contained chunks of online content, which can be reusable and interoperable. In this work, we propose a methodology to design e-learning contents based on the ISD and LO technologies. We also suggest the use of principles of learning theories in the chunking and sequencing of LOs in e-Learning modules. The methodology is currently being tested by K-12 teachers from public schools as well as instructional designers from private companies in Brazil.

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