Specifying Requirements for Focus Group Discussion Tool to Elicit User Requirements for CSCL

M.K. Zarinah and S.S. Siti (Malaysia)


requirements, requirements elicitation tool, FGD-RElicit, Focus Group Discussion, CSCL.


The number of computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) applications developed for the use in school is still low. From the software engineering perspective, courseware developers could play an important role in the CSCL development process from the early stage, i.e. requirements elicitation. This paper focuses on the requirements elicitation activity in CSCL development process where courseware developers should conduct it correctly. Initially, this paper presents requirements for the development of requirements elicitation tool using Focus Group Discussion called FGD-RElicit to assist courseware developers in eliciting user requirements for CSCL. The requirements for FGD-RElicit are developed based on the analysis of available requirements elicitation tools which identify its general features. Then, needs from schoolteachers' and courseware developers' which are gathered from surveys that were carried out in Malaysia, are merged. With this, the FGD-RElicit is expected to help courseware developers in eliciting CSCL user requirements to produce usable CSCL applications. We hope that the development of FGD-RElicit would increase the number of CSCL applications to be used in schools.

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