The Importance of Time Budgeting for Online Learning

H. Wu and G. Andersson (Norway)


Web-based online learning, data analysis, time budgeting.


Web-based online learning and teaching is an interesting and debatable issue for many teachers and learners. It is natural and reasonable to research, compare, question and argue the different aspects of this technological approach. There is one particular aspect this article focuses on, that is the importance of time budgeting for online learning. The article was written based on the data analysis for an online training course "Online Teaching Introduction and Basic Practice" conducted by stfold University College in September 2001. The course was primarily designed for university and college professors and teachers. The intention is to introducing an example of web-based online learning and teaching solution for them, so motivating them to practice their own teaching courses online. There are a number of problems observed during the course and a high drop-off percentage was presented and discussed. The data analysis and a summary of feedback indicate however a trend of time budgeting or resource related reasons, not technique or course issues. The study concludes a fact of online learning and teaching is rather a free option of course offers, not a "free lunch" or an easy solution for anyone. It is important and necessary to provide sufficient time budgeting for this new learning style and method.

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