A Prototype for an Intelligent Tutoring System for Students Learning to Program in JavaTM

E.R. Sykes and F. Franek (Canada)


Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Web-BasedEducation, Programming Tutors, Artificial Intelligence inEducation.


The "JavaTM Intelligent Tutoring System" (JITS) research project involves the development of a programming tutor designed for students in their first programming course in JavaTM at the College and University level. This paper presents an overview of the architectural design including state-of-the-art web-based distributed architecture, the AI techniques used, and the programmer-optimized user interface. This project is a prototype being constructed which will model the domain of a small subset of the JavaTM programming language in a very specific context. Research is in progress and it is hypothesized that the completed prototype will be sufficient to prove the concept and that a fully developed JavaTM Intelligent Tutoring System will provide an interactively-rich learning environment for students that will result in increased achievement. Based on the success of similar Intelligent Tutoring Systems, it is also hypothesized that these students will be able to learn programming skills and knowledge more quickly and effectively than students in traditional educational settings.

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