The Model of Collaborative Learning and Technological Environment for Evoking Interactivity-building of Knowledge

T. Okamoto (Japan)


e-Pedagogy, Collaborative Learning, Collaborative Knowledge Building, Collaborative Learning Technology, Platform of Knowledge Management, Comprehensive Study


This paper describes the model of collaborative learning and e-Pedagogy based on collaborative technologies using Internet. Especially, it emphasizes the theory of e-Pedagogy in order to enhance Collaborative Knowledge-Building in-group learning. From the technological point of view, we can take up tools/applications such as direct manipulation, modeling and simulation, visualization, sharing windows, and text mining. In this paper, we discuss creating new e-Pedagogy concerning above mentioned technologies. Moreover, we propose the model of comprehensive learning for interactive and group activities as new ways of learning. Additionally, we can provide the function of on-line evaluation for every learner and educator and extract the meaningful knowledge from those data by assuring learners' portfolio data (Learning Log Data). This technology leads to the methods of knowledge management in education. Finally, we propose the mixed initiative model of e-collaborative teaching/learning as one example of e-pedagogy.

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