Modeling a Distributed Multi-agent System to Agent Distributing based on Behavior Patterns

J.C. Vidal (Columbia) and J.M. Piquer (Chile)


: Multi-Agent System Modeling, agent dynamic distributing, Predictive System, volatile agent.


Inside a distributed Multi-Agent Systems DMAS happen several events during agent's life cycle that changing dynamically the state of each agent and all DMAS. This dynamic nature is based on interchanged information between agents that support the cooperation to obtain a commun objective. Moreover in the optimization of distributed Multi-Agent Systems raises the issue of agent distributing according to the availability of resources. This paper presents a agent distributing strategy for DMAS based on a predictive system based on agent behavior patterns modeling. Our strategy allows the prediction of the impact of the creation of new agents on the local nodes and, hence making of optimal decisions with the purpose of improving future interactions. We present several analysis based on the execution of agents groups and the results show that a DMAS is improved.

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