Web Client System for 3D Virtual Shopping Mall

H. Kim, S. Kim, and B. Choi (Korea)


Client-server system, 3D Virtual shopping mall system, VRML extension, Web-based system


As the use of the Internet is prevalent and the ability of computer is powerful, web-based E-commerce becomes the more popular. However, web client systems for virtual shopping malls provide 2D information using texts and still images as before, and supply only interaction with text-link. But web client systems for 3D virtual shopping malls are able to provide various interactions with 3D virtual objects, such as virtual objects' sharing and manipulation like real world. In this paper, we introduce a web client system that is developed for 3D virtual shopping mall. The system uses VRML contents for 3D data and provides users with shared objects' manipulation, dynamic shared environment, chatting with other users, viewpoints' movement through 2D site map, and so forth. This system is able to use a client system for E-commerce, networked virtual reality, co-operated business, and so on.

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