Design and Implementation of ESES/Signature and Its Applications for Secure E-commerce

J.S. Lee, K.Y. Moon, and S.W. Sohn (Korea)


E-commerce, XML Security, XML Signature, ebXML


The most important function for secure electronic commerce is securing electronic documents such as order sheets and messages exchanged between parties. XML is widely accepted as a standard format for electronic documents and messages in electronic commerce. Therefore, security mechanisms for XML documents and messages must be provided in the first place. ESES/Signature is a major subsystem of ESES (ETRI Secure E-Commerce Services) developed by ETRI, and provides security services such as authentication, non repudiation and integrity for XML documents and XML messages for electronic commerce and electronic document interchange applications. It has been developed based on XML Signature specifications standardized by W3C and IETF, and integrated into electronic commerce applications. In this paper, we propose a design for XML Signature and we explain our implementation, ESES/Signature. We also explain how we apply the ESES/Signature to electronic commerce applications.

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