Fuzzy Logic for the QoS Mapping Process (QOSFM) and Its Application to the Cable Networks

L.M. Regueras, M.J. Verdú, R. Mompó, and J. Redoli (Spain)


cable network, fuzzy logic, QoSFM, QoS mapping, UPSTREAMS, streaming audio.


The communication world is changing. In the last years, quicker access networks and multimedia applications are used more and more frequently by the end-users, who expect to receive QoS guarantees. In this context, the communication networks must take into account the QoS desired by users and/or applications and the ability of the system resources to provide it. It needs to found a way to map the quality of service perceived and desired by the end-user and the network-level QoS parameters. In this paper, we show the benefits (and limitations) of the use of the fuzzy logic in the QoS mapping process and we present QoSFM (QoS Fuzzy-mapping) system. Basing on QoSFM, we make a complete study of implementation of a fuzzy logic controller. Finally, we apply this controller to the ComUNITY Access System from Com21, which is a cablemodem communication system based on ATM in order to offer QoS guarantees to the end-users via the HFC network.

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