A New Vector Search Algorithm for Block Matching Motion Estimation

Y.-C. Ouyang, J.S.R. Shen, J.-Y. Sheu, and M.-J. Han (Taiwan)


Predictive Motion Estimation, Block-matching Algorithm, H.263 Three-block Median Predictor, Vector Search Algorithm.


In this paper, we investigate the correlation among motion vectors (MV). By employing a predictor, a fast predictive block-matching motion estimation algorithm, the new vector search algorithm (NVSA), is proposed. Instead of checking all locations in the search area, the New VSA only searches locations in the most probable direction, and utilize the pixel sub-sampling method to maintain a low computation load. In order to early reject non possible candidate motion vector, the NVSA algorithm adopts a halfway-stop mechanism into the computation process of block distortion measurement. Furthermore, we introduce a threshold value to early stop if the current minimum block error is less than the threshold value. Simulation results show that the new VSA algorithm is much faster than other fast search algorithms as well as maintaining similar or better performance in terms of mean-square error measurement.

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