Analysis on the Ranking Method using Factors in Meta Searching

M.-S. Yang, S.-J. Jhun, W.-K. Joo, K.-S. Choi, B.-J. Ryu, and H. Kim (Korea)


internet search technology, meta search, integration results, ranking method


This paper describes MSearch, a meta search engine, and the ranking methods in the system. The ranking method has only factors used in Meta search systems. The factors are composed of an internal/external URL duplication and information of query terms in document title and description. Each factor has a weight value that can be changed. As changing the weight values, we can get different results. Using high query term's weight value, we could get better retrieval result then using other weight values. And using high URL duplication's weight value, we could get more relevant documents at high ranking. So, this method is proven to enhance retrieval effectiveness only using factor in Meta searching.

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