Implementation of an Object-based Multimedia Client-server System

L. Cheng, J. Yeung, A. Fredriksson, and M. El Zarki (USA)


multimedia, object-based, MPEG-4, synchronization


This paper presents the architecture and implementation of an object-based, multimedia system, which distinguishes itself from traditional audio-video (AV) streaming applications. This work is a continuation of previous research in interactive multimedia systems [1][2][3] by the Video over IP Group at UC Irvine. We focus this paper on the media layer of the system. The architecture, with roots in the MPEG-4 system standard [4], is unique because we treat independent media streams as individual objects, which are delivered in separate channels via the RTP/UCP/IP protocol stack. It allows us not follow all the specifications of the MPEG-4 standard, i.e. the delivery multimedia integration framework (DMIF) and multiplexing. We implement the video and audio encoding/decoding according to the MPEG-4 specifications [5][6]. An extensible process thread framework of the client presentation application allows for the integration of additional media decoders. We explore the problem of multiple-stream media synchronization that arises from an object-based system. In order to maintain the timing and coordination of independent media streams, we implement intra-stream and inter-stream synchronization techniques to achieve a level of media synchronicity.

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