Platform-independent SIP Client for Consumer Devices

J. Rauhala, P. Cesar, P. Vuorimaa, and P. Peisa (Finland)


Multimedia Tools and Architectures, Java Technology and Applications, SIP, platform-independency


The convergence of consumer devices is leading to a situation, where a service can be used on different platforms. On the other hand, it can be predicted that Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) will become a major communication protocol in the future. In addition, most of the consumer devices will enable Java. This paper presents a proposal for a Java based platform-independent SIP client. In its architecture, the UI, the media support and the logic of the system are considered as platform independent. In addition, results from the demonstration system are introduced. The results show that the concept is valid and possible to implement. However, Java's runtime memory consumption has to be reduced before this concept can be applied in real environments.

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