The Event Manager for Efficient Event Processing in MPEG-4 Player

D. Lee, N. Kim, and S. Kim (Korea)


Multimedia Presentation, MPEG-4, Event Handling, Efficiency


The MPEG-4 player should process the mechanism that is related to events to support the interaction with users. The events are happened very frequently, so the player needs to have more effective module of event managements. In this paper, the player uses several data structures for event processing. Drawing node list stores the rendering properties of objects, routing and time's table stores the event information of objects. Generally, the player examines the routing table about available events and then converts the related information in drawing node list and then updates the current scene. However, it may decrease the efficiency of player when the MPEG-4 scene has many events among the objects. So, this paper proposes some solution of the problems in MPEG-4 player. The event manager of the player checks rapidly the efficiency of events using event layer when events are happened. Also, it offers the selective updates of MPEG-4 scene using event filtering by event log. These processes of event manager can improve the efficiency of entire MPEG-4 player because they decrease the number of searches of drawing node list and routing table and the loads by unnecessary updates of MPEG-4 scene.

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