E-Services using XML and Active Rules for Multi-device Users

A. Amuthan, K. Prabu, and S. Senthil (India)


ECA (Event Condition Action), RML (Rule Markup Language), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), WML (Wireless Markup Language), WAP (Wireless Access Protocol), XML (eXtensible Markup Language).


E-service means delivering value added information to the user. XML repositories are widely used for storing the information in web. These repositories consist of information that is needed by the user. In today's Internet based information system there is one-to-one mode of delivery that means information flows form one server to the user. Our system attempts to provide an E-service that facilitates the user with many-to-one mode of delivery. In our designed system the requests from the user are dynamically processed and composed to format of Active rules or Event-Condition-Action rules. The composed ECA rules are then transmitted and installed in a remote XML server, which holds the domain of data requested by the user. When event of interest requested by the user happens at the XML server the corresponding rule will be triggered and executed. Thus the requested data is directly delivered from the XML server to the user who gives the request for this rule. Incorporating SOAP message in the action part of the rule performs the delivery of data from XML server. As part of our system a Rule Markup Language (RML) is developed which consists of generic set of events that can well suit in any kind of real domain. This RML is in XML format so that manipulation of rules is easier.

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