Design and Implementation of XML-based Business Flow Management System (BFMS)

S. Yoon (Korea)


Internet, E-Commerce, B to B, XML, Business Flow


: Future business organizations will be their ability to assemble in whatever virtual configurations are necessary to identify, scope, pursue, and capture the businesses, and process the plans. One of the business in the future will be executed by Business to Business (B to B) model of E-Commerce. The concept of operations of the B to B model composes the work process, people and supporting environment. The work processes are related to the information deliverables and the people who execute the processes are representative of the various organizations which elements to support the environment for B to B model. The environment for B to B model contains information process, technologies, and standards. Information process elements contain digital data exchange, data sharing and collaboration. This paper designed and implemented the XML-based Business Flow Management System (BFMS) for B to B model of E-commerce in the Internet. BFMS in this paper automatically performs the information process for B to B model such as purchase order management, bidding management, delivery management to build E-Commerce in the internet. XML can be used as document standard between businesses for sharing and exchanging of data and also provide platform independent environment.

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