A Web Services Testing Tool

E. Dogdu and R. Sunderraman (USA)


Web Services, XML, SOAP, WSDL


Web Services technology is quickly becoming the choice of middleware for application integration to provide interoperability among distributed heterogeneous applications and components. This is due to the fact Web Services are based on a few open, simple, and standard protocols (e.g., XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI) and the ubiquitous Internet protocols, such as HTTP, for data and message transmission. There are many tools and packages being developed and delivered for web services development, yet most tools require client programming to test remote web services. In this paper, we present a unique tool that we have developed for web services testing. It is called the "Web Services Testing Tool" (WSTT). WSTT is a Java servlets based web application that allows users to interact, test, and invoke any web service available on the web using the service's web services description document (WSDL document) as the only input. WSTT provides an easy to use user interface and has the potential to be extended with more features for future web services testing purposes. Future versions of WSTT will include features like handling complex types, UDDI browsing and automatic client stub generation in several languages.

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