Design and Implementation of Adaptive Software-based XRAP System for Interaction on Web

H. Kim, P.-J. Kwon, and Y.-K. Kang (Korea)


: IPR, systemcall, hooking, kernel


Now is the era of Internet. From the small data share to even wide and systematic complex work, Internet spreads to all people life, and the development of e-commerce and web distribution back up Internet generally. On the other hand, we need to put on illegal software reproduction on cyberspace, becoming a serious social issue as enlarging Internet market. But there is no protection programs for Linux, comparing with other Window based programs about intellectual property are plenty. Therefore, Linux is threaten by financial and reductive loss by its invasion of intellectual property. This essay is essential about the qualification of people who use the digital contents of Linux application and level and linux kernel level, process control, and general plan and execution about system call of linux file system. In this paper, we propose XRAP system of active tracking mechanism for IPR protection. Also, protective model of intellectual property can use in a protective work of digital contents, adaptive agent and system level protection on client machine. In conclusion, we describe the implementation of our model in linux system.

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