Autonomous Content-location Binding System through Wireless Ad-hoc Communication

T. Ishida, S. Hisamatsu, O. Nakamura, and J. Murai (Japan)


Peer-to-Peer Systems, Wireless Communication, Ad-hoc Communication, Content Distribution, Location Base Services, Context Aware


Advancement in wireless networking and mobile computing technology has brought new needs to communicate with not only the particular person but general public who are in specified area in real space. Geographically dependent contents such as advertisement to a specific region and traffic information are suitable for this communication. If these contents is bound to suitable time and place, the value of contents become higher for both of senders and receivers. The goal of our research is to realize a new content distribution model where contents will be gathered only in to specific area autonomously without centralized management but cooperation of mobile nodes. The use of this model will bring users a freedom to send or leave contents about specific location and time, as well as giving users a chance to receive all the information bound to their location. In this paper, we present the design of simple but robust model to exchange information between nodes in certain location called, "Content Cruising System"(CCS), which is implemented in original simulator. CCS uses P2P communication model to distribute contents. Therefore, CCS will provide robust communication in wireless ad hoc network. Presented results show the simulation results with assumed movement patterns of people in real space wireless communication in several situations.

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