Combining WLAN Indoor Positioning and Multimedia Messaging Services

M. Koskela, J. Ylinen, and P. Loula (Finland)


Mobile Multimedia, Multimedia Messaging Service, Location-Based Service, Indoor Positioning, Wireless LAN.


The development and expansion of heterogeneous mobile communication networks generate growing demand for new kinds of rich multimedia services. Introduced alongside the GPRS technology, the Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) are gradually catching on in popularity. Endowing MMS with location-dependent information spawns a new range of services for the mobile user. Location-Based Services (LBS) are considered to become an integral and integrated part of the future wireless networks. This paper presents an innovative combination of two diverse technologies to deliver a new kind of mobile multimedia Value-Added Service (VAS). This study shows that intriguing new services for mobile subscribers can be developed utilizing location information in conjunction with novelty Multimedia Messaging Services.

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