Content-based Pricing of Services in the Mobile Internet

E. Kivisaari and S. Luukkainen (Finland)


Pricing, content-based, mobile Internet, services, multicast caching


As Internet connection markets gradually mature and signs can be seen of a change towards the commoditisation of Internet connectivity--fixed or wireless--special interest is focused on content-based pricing of services both in the Internet and in mobile service networks. After presenting the background, key concepts, and the current situation of content-based pricing, this paper focuses on the basic principles such as the importance of content service differentiation, willingness to pay as a factor in price determination, price discrimination, bundling of content services, and revenue sharing between operators and content providers. In the end of this paper an exemplary technical architecture for the delivery and content-based billing of multimedia content is presented. The emphasis of this paper is on pricing, not on billing or charging for content services.

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