A New Multicast Protocol using Packet Pair and Core Stateless Mechanism for Multimedia Applications

K. Papzis, N.K. Chilamkurti, and B. Soh (Australia)


Multicast, Congestion Control, FQ, PLM.


One of the drawbacks of using PLM (Packet-pair Layered Multicast) protocol is that it only operates in a network that exhibits a Fair Scheduler paradigm, where Fair Queue (FQ) algorithm is implemented in routers that maintain separate queues for packets from each individual source. This gives rise to the complexity of per-flow management, which incurs costs and overheads. To reduce the complexity, we propose in this paper a framework called Stateless Core (SCORE) network architecture for transmission of multicast layers via an integrated PLM/CSFQ (Core Stateless Fair Queueing) packet-pair mechanism. The proposed model reduces the number of routers performing per-flow management, thus reducing costs. We then evaluate the scalability of the integrated PLM/CSFQ queueing mechanism using the NS-2 network simulator. The results from the experiments show that the integrated PLM/CSFQ scales well with the increased number of receivers joining the same session, in terms of being TCP friendly, bandwidth allocation and packet losses sustained.

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