IPR Law Mapping System with Digital Rights Management for Forensic Computing

C. Hwang and D.-J. Hwang (Korea)


: IPR, blackboard, Server, Agent, ARAPA, DRM


The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in distribution and sharing of digital contents through on and off-line environments. With the rapid growth of the digital content industry, the basic infrastructure for protection and management of IRP (intellectual property rights) became an important aspect of technology. We propose forensic evidence system of using IPR(Intellectual Property Rights) law being mapped with DRM(Digital Rights Management). It is active methods to protect unauthorized copy of multimedia contents. Server is an agent for controlling interactions with client at local or remote site of internetworking. Server detects event when a file is opening, closing, reading and writing by using hooking technique. Also server is a blackboard for gathering with event history of agents in this framework and a supervisor agent that is aware of what clients have an available knowledge, which is able to solve a query, and how to contact them. The role of server is to monitor overall real-time performance of the other agents and should be more reliable than clients. This characteristic leads to the simplicity in controlling both local and remote interactions among agents. The form of the communication used in information exchange is predetermined and transparent to all agents. As a result, this paper proposes a new model to recognize user action its contents are innocent or guilty now, after this system serving attorney, corporations, insurance companies and law enforcement to on-line. DRM name is ARPA(Active Resource Protection Agent).

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