Secure Efficient Group Key Management for Few-to-many Applications

N. Weiler (Switzerland)


Secure Group, Key Agreement, Internet and Software Con trol, Protection, and Security, Security Protocols.


Multimedia applications, news distribution and service discovery protocols are examples of group applications that typically involve more than one sender in the distribution process. This paper proposes few-to-many Semsomm, a se cure and scalable group key management scheme for such applications. The main strategy of Semsomm is twofold. First, through the use of a multiple encryption scheme, there is no longer the need to trust the intermediate nodes of the multicast distribution tree. They are used as untrusted relay ing nodes in order to overcome the need to re-key the entire group upon each membership change. Second, the traffic encryption key is periodically renewed and redistributed to legitimate group members, thus inhibiting any collusion at tack. It is shown that Semsomm scales to very large groups while preserving perfect forward secrecy of the multicas ted information, i.e. only actual members of the group can understand it.

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