On a GML Management System for Interoperability of Distributed Geographic Data and Its Application

S.-Y. Park, Y.-S. An, J.-D. Lee, and H.-Y. Bae (Korea)


GML, GIS, spatial database, geographic data conversion,prototype system


This paper has proposed a GML (Geography Markup Language) Management System to support data interoperability of distributed heterogeneous geographic information and has implemented its application. GML specifications of OGC (Open GIS Consortium) are based on advantage of XML which can integrates distributed diverse documents on the Web. The proposed system converts information of a spatial database into GML document and also converts geographic information in GML document into data format of the using spatial database system. The architecture of the system is composed of Application Schema, GML Translator, XML Analyzer, and Documents Pool. By the usage of this system, it can be to support interoperability of distributed data server with different data type. This system provides the end users with maps in graphic forms and it is also capable of storing data from user-generated GML documents in the spatial database.

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