Semantic Space Creation and Associative Search Methods for Document Databases of International Relations

S. Sasaki, Y. Kiyoki, and T. Yakushiji (Japan)


semantic associative search, international relations,document database


In this paper, we present a new creation method of a semantic retrieval space for the field of International Relations (IR). This method creates an integrated metadata space for computing semantic relationships between words in an IR lexicon and in a general dictionary. The created semantic space is applied to the mathematical model of meaning which has already been proposed. This model makes it possible to compute semantic relationships between words dynamically according to a given context. Using the semantic space made by this method, we can realize semantic associative search for the documents which consist of IR terms by using general words, and also realize semantic associative search for ones which consist of general words by using IR terms. This space creation method can be applied also to other specific fields if only a lexicon of the field and a general dictionary exist.

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