Query Evaluation and Web Recognition in Document Databases

Y. Chen (Canada)


Web, Document databases, Tree inclusion,Signatures, Ontology, Path-oriented queries


A Web and Document Database (WDDB) is a sys tem to manage efficiently local documents and their seman tic connection to remote ones. The general objective of a WDDB is to facilitate web search and internet navigation. Abstractly, a WDDB can be defined as a triple , where D stands for a local document database to store XML documents structurally, U for a set of URLs with each pointing to a remote database which shares common data with the local one, and W for a Web recognizer that identi fies information sources related to data items in the local database. Then, a query against a WDDB normally con sists of two parts: a local query and a set of remote queries. A local query can be considered as tree-embedding prob lem and can be sped-up using the so-called signature tech nique. A remote query has to be sent to another database which may not be available locally. To decide where to send a query, an address book has to be maintained, which can be established manually or automatically using Web recog nizer.

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