GISMoE: A Graph-based Information System Modelling Environment

F. Dotsika and A. Watkins (UK)


Web and internet tools and applications, databases and the web, data modelling, Java technology and applications, information systems.


The aim of this paper is the investigation, design and implementation of GISMoE, a web-based automated environment for information modelling, based on the functional paradigm. The resulting system develops a user-friendly, interactive graphical interface that assists the systems analyst and designer in developing interoperable information systems solutions and facilitates data and information modelling. GISMoE supports the functional data model and generates functional database schemas, maintains up-to-date data dictionaries and creates new databases based on the designed user models. The environment is fully integrated and interoperable by means of a two-way translator between XML and the underlying functional schema, providing facilities for the automatic generation of valid XML documents and DTD's.

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