VoiceEPG: Speech Interface for Electronic Program Guide

H. Kim and E. Hwang (Korea)


VoiceXML, VoiceXML Interpreter, XSLT, Electronic Program Guide


Recently, the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) has become essential to the Digital TV environment, thanks to the user interface aiding navigation around the rapidly growing array of TV programs. Furthermore, there has been a big demand to browse EPG services on a small display because of the widely used mobile devices such as mobile phone or PDA. However, it is difficult to display the EPG services in a small screen of mobile phone. Also, it is a time- consuming job to input text using mobile phone's keypad. In order to solve this problem, we propose an alternative approach that provides speech interface with the EPG services. This approach could also help visually handicapped people to browse EPG services. Specifically, we first looked into the EPG XML schema specification. And then, we implemented a VoiceEPG converter that transforms original EPG XML data to VoiceXML documents. Finally, we constructed a VoiceXML interpreter to navigate the result documents including the EPG service contents through speech interface.

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