XRoaster: A Tool for Catalog Management on Databases Middleware Systems

A.M. Molina Vargas and M. Rodríguez Martínez (Puerto Rico)


Catalog Management, Schema Mapping, Database Middleware


Currently there are very few tools available for managing the catalog of a Database Middleware System. The system administrators of the Middleware System need to manually add all the metadata necessary to configure and maintain the catalog, making catalog maintenance a tedious task. In this paper we present XRoaster, a visual tool to perform catalog management tasks in Database Middleware Systems. XRoaster is designed to generate its results in XML documents that contain metadata about the data sources. This makes it possible to easily share system metadata with other applications. XRoaster is a graphical, user friendly tool and that follows the rules of usability for the creation of Graphical Interfaces. One of the major features of XRoaster is its ability to guide the end-user in the administrative tasks: adding users, implementing global schemas, adding new sources of data, defining the required schema mapping rules. We argue that XRoaster provides a very robust framework for catalog management.

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