Implementation of a Native Information Management System for Guided Learning with PDA/GPS

Y.-W. Chen, H.R. Peng, and C.S. Hsu (Taiwan)


PDA, GPS, guide system, native information


In this paper, an information management system with interactive environment is introduced. This system provides an efficient way for users to construct the location aware information. The constructed information can also be fed to the mobile devices, such as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), for the purpose of guiding. Furthermore, the developed system provides the interface for the mobile devices to upload the information that is constructed by users during tour guide. Thus, the information created by the users can be regarded as the content of the system and can be reused by other users. In order to overcome the problem of limited storage space on the PDA, the wireless communication technique is adopted for users to download the content from the content server dynamically. System administrator, subject administrators, and general users, are the three kinds of users defined in this system with different management authorities. The developed system is applied as the platform for the native education/learning in an elementary school. The teacher of a specific subject of the native course plays as the role of the subject administrator to maintain the content of a specific subject. The experience of applying this system in the real learning environment was very interesting and several learning models could be derived through the assistance of this platform.

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